How i started playing the guitar

I started learning guitar from my eldest brother around the age of 7. I really got the bug when i plugged in his old Hofner Guitar ... think i was 12 years old at the time, and that was me hooked, for life!!

At 15 i made the naive decision to be a guitarist in a rock 'n' roll band, and did my first gigs with school friends.  After alot of line up changes, at 17 finally our band became semi pro and started playing paid gigs in and around my old home town.
After a few years we gained local success and found a manager. We then got signed to a major record label and enjoyed major tours, recording, and country wide recognition.

Since that time i've remained a full time musician, singer songwriter/producer also gaining a HND in media and did 1 years teacher training.
I starting to teach guitar professionally around 12 years ago at Linda law Music School,
a year later i started teaching my own private students and set up my own  business.

          I'm still finding out new things about music everyday, and still have the same sense of excitment i felt all those years ago, thats why i love guitar

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